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Begin by selecting a membership option below or try out our FREE Service. Start by typing in a campground to select. Click on "Arrival date" and select length of stay or just select "Check Every Weekend". You'll receive an alert when a campsite becomes available. TIP: for better success use short day ranges or single day checks.

Unlimited Memberships

You can now perform unlimited scans with our member programs. We're providing a limited-time free beta membership to try out the service. Our Pro and Premium programs go further with the shortest scan intervals and easy weekend checking. Lock in with the lowest membership fee now and always have a great place to camp. 

  • Steve 01/05/24

    Check every week-end out to 6 months is now a breeze, I never have to worry about updating my scans or missing out.

  • JoJo - 04/15/23

    Sign up for Campsites4u! It’s worth the $ monthly. That’s actually how I got my reservation for Yosemite.

  • Ann 07/15/2022

    The campsites4u website has sent me a ton of cancellation notifications for august! It's worth the monthly subscription

  • Tim 04/29/22

    This was really the only way I've been able to camp at Yosemite. Good luck

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